Sole cleaner  925 for civil use

Sole washer 925 for civil use

Sole washer 925 in stainless steel Aisi 304 is projected for civil use. Manufactuerd for soles cleaning in offices and non-productive divisions. It cleans any type of footwear, even with high heels, thanks to the brushes present in the basement. 925 sole washer removes residues and dust from soles and shoes.

Cleaning operations take place in dry.

Walking onto the platform brushes are automatically activated.

At the end of the hygienizing process the operator walks down from the platform and the operations are concluded.

The platform is designed to be setted up in front of the office doors.


Technical features:

Electric engine: 210 W

Power: 220 V

50 Hz

IP 55


Dimensions: 80 x 50 x 130 cm

Black nylon brushes


Possibility of pneumatic operatin use.





Quality of product

Complying with: UNI EN ISO 12100:Safety machine, general projectation principles, risk evaluation and reduction
CEI EN 60204-1 Machinery safety, electirc equipment of machines, general rules.

Areas of use

All food industries
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