Air, ecologic choice

Footwear are a frequent vehicle of microbial contamination, especially in industrial environments. A cleaning process complete of soles’ disinfection is a necessary action to guarantee a high level of hygiene in working divisions.
In order to minimize microbial contamination and to fulfill the international hygiene standards, our pneumatic patented technology provides an effective solution for manufacturing firms.
Pneumatic engines ensure maximal safety thanks to an easy operation. The absence of electric power avoids any type of inconvenience linked to that.

High technology is based on the pneumatic patented system. Pulitak 926 AU 2 is composed may be composed of many modules.

In case our customers may not use an alcoholic disinfectant for cultural reasons, we can provide other type of disinfectant


 Compulsoriness of cleaning function is guaranteed by the stop gate and the tripod turnstile. You can see and integration of those elements in models like COMPACT and STAR. Elements like tripod turnstile may be integrated with PLC device.