hygiene corridor standard

Hygiene station in st. steel with turnstile for high number of daily passages complete of washing, drying and hands disinfection with soles washing, dropping and disinfection. Electro-pneumatic board and PLC to set up cleaning times .

  • 1st step: the operator walks on the first module where a washbasin with soap dispenser and a photocell tap. He washes his hands until a light warns when the operations have finished. Then we have drying ELECTRIC HAND DRYER. Soles are washed and oscillating brushes remove residues.
  • 2nd step: The operator nebulizes his hands with proper alcoholic disinfectant.

At the end of the operation, signaled by warning lights the three arm turnstile unlocks and the operator exits. If the operations are not correctly performed warning lights remain red and the turnstile does not allow the exit.

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