Hygiene corridor in stainless steel Multipass

Hygiene corridor Multipass 926

Hygiene corridor Multipass 01 is a modular solution projected to be setted up in places where a high number of operators works. It is recommended for enterprises with a high number of daily passages in a short period of time.

Three modules compose the stainless steel platform for soles cleaning:

•    soles brushing with use of water;
•    soles disinfection thanks to a proper cleanser;
•    drying


At the last station, the hand nebulizer with proper cleanser solution has a disinfectant function and provides an adequate hygiene level.
The swing gate opens after the conclusion of the cleaning operation process.

Multipass is a compulsory stop station for operators, in this way the cleaning process is regularly completed.


  • Use: in all food industries
  • Dimensions: cm 196 x 89;  height 151 cm
  • In stainless steel Aisi 304.

Quality of product

Complying with:

2006/42/CE, 2004/108/CE, 2006/95/CE

• Complying with: UNI EN ISO 12100:Safety machine, general projectation principles, risk evaluation and reduction
• CEI EN 60204-1 Machinery safety, general rules.

Areas of use

All food industries
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