Hygiene corridor 927 Total 01

Hygienic design corridor 927 Total 01

Total represents one of the most complete models of Pulitak range. It is a multitasking machine, suitable for industries with high number of daily passages. Total structure allows the simultaneous passage of more operators on the modular platform: every worker may complete one different step of the process.

Hygienic Design Technology.


The platform is divided into three different sections for soles’ hygiene according to the hygiene function they supply:

  • cleaning;
  • disinfection;
  • drying;

Total 01 is equipped for hands hygienization as well. The complete process has three different steps:

  • washing with cleanser;
  • drying;
  • disinfection;

Fundamental element of the machine is always more demanded by the last updates of food safety norms.


To ensure compulsoriness of execution of the sanitation operation the stop function is


System is led by a PLC device.



Quality of product

Complying with:

• UNI EN ISO 12100:Safety machine, general projectation principles, risk evaluation and reduction
• CEI EN 60204-1 Machinery safety, electirc equipment of machines, general rules.

Areas of use

All food industries
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