hands sole cleaner sanitizing station in stainless steel

Modular hygiene station 926 Pulitak

The Modular hygiene station 926 Pulitak is a complete hygienizing and hand washing station with sole disinfection function.


The available accessories are:

  • Handwashing with knee control device;
  • Electric hand dryer;
  • Pneumatic nebulizer 837 C: it sanitizes hands with a special cleanser in safe conditions (with no use of electric power);
  • Swing gate 928 A: pneumatic timed gate in stainless steel AISI 304, stop to the direct transit in the working division. The gate makes the process compulsory.
  •  Pneumatic cilinder 928 V: allow the opening of the gate when the cleaning process has ended.

After having walked on the machine, the operator washes his hands with soap and water and dry themselves by using a hand dryer.

A soles disinfection basement with fixed brushes for cleaning and sanitizing is present.
The second step consist of hands and soles disinfection.
Finally, the operator is ready to enter the working division.

PhotogalleryModular hygiene station 926 Pulitak
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