Hygiene mats

Hygiene mats 912

1. Velcro adhesive decontaminant Carpet for entry into areas controlled contamination. With germicidal substance to break down the proliferation of germs. The effectiveness of the bactericidal substance is proven by laboratory tests. Each mat is composed of 30 sheets numbered one by one to prevent tearing of more layers simultaneously. large characters to facilitate the reading. Technical features: Dimensions: 61x115 cm. Available color: blue


2. Carpet asciugapassi in absorbent fibers fixed on a non-slip rubber backing with micro safety edge. It is placed in locations where access is required soles of the shoes dry. Easy to wash in the washing machine. Technical features: Size 120x85 cm Color available gray and red Other versions: Cod. 912 G001 size: 85x50 cm


3. Sanitized mat designed for the disinfection of footwear soles, is a valuable aid for the prevention of contamination within the cleaning departments. The health carpet is made of wear-resistant engineering plastics with an inner polyester for the absorption of the liquid. For changing the liquid it comes out of the mat creating a bactericidal activity foam The dirt that holds it, thanks to its convex shape, is deposited in the perimeter leaving clean the passage.


4. Anti-slip mat, prevents the spread of bacteria, viruses and fungi on footwear. simple user mode. for the pallet truck wheels. Effective and suitable for indoor and outdoor, with zip zipper for quick opening. The disinfectant is present within the carpet and is visible only after the pressure of the shoes on surface of the same. Among its qualities it is resistant to chemicals and has absorbent properties. Available in blue. Dimensions cm 100 x 150 x 4