Manual sole washer 921 A 111

Manual boot washer 921 A11 with optional

Static manual boot washer for sanitation of footwear with optional.

It is the most complete version of the manual boot washer category.


This model involves the use of water for the washing of footwear. Made of AISI 304 stainless steel, alloy that ensures a long service life and outstanding corrosion resistance.

It is composed of five fixed brushes in the basement and by the following accessories that make it a complete structure:


  • the pneumatic nebulizer 837 C, for the sterilization of hands. It ensures a high level of hand hygiene, through the provision of the alcoholic disinfectant.
  • the pneumatic swing gate 928 BPA, blocks the exit for the operator without having completed the sanitation procedure;
  • The device blocks the gate 929 B connected to the nebulizer for hands, allowing the opening of the gate when the operator has completed the procedure of performing hand hygiene. This process ensures the successful execution of hand hygiene.
  • The remote control device allows the opening of the gate in the opposite direction, and enables operators to quickly get out of the work division without performing the procedure.


Compliance with: UNI EN ISO 12100: Safety of machinery, general principles for design, risk assessment and risk reduction CEI EN 60204-1 Safety of machinery, electrical equipment of machines, Part 1 General Rules Technical features:


Technical features:

Dimensions: 90x61x143 h cm

Compressed air supply: 6 bar

Brushes: 5 nylon white brushes

Entirely in stainless steel AISI 304

Areas of use

All food industries
PhotogalleryManual boot washer 921 A11 with optional
Accessories Manual boot washer 921 A11 with optional