Manual sole cleaner 921 B123

Manual sole cleaner 921 B123

Static sole cleaner with disinfectant nebulization. Manufactured in stainless steel Aisi 304, the manual sole cleaner 921 B123 works with five fixed brushes in the basement.

Projected for use in places where water is not necessary or not available.

When the operator walks on the basement, cleanser nebulization starts. After that, the operator rubs soles on brushes and this operation removes residues present on soles.

Nebulization time is determined by the time the operator stop on the basement cleaning its soles. Lower pull-out container for collecting dirt and soles residues is present.

Two handrails allow a user-friendly support during the cleaning process.

Setup location is recommended at the work division entrance to prevent contamination in hazard-prone areas.

Compressed air supply required

Technical characteristics

Dimensions: cm 70x51x115 height

Supply: compressed air supply 6 bar

Brushes: 5 fixed

Material: entirely in stainless steel

Areas of use

All food industries
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