Pneumatic sole washer in stainless steel 927 Sanitik USA


Sanitik - STAR USA represents the evolution of a research and development process that allows to offer customers a complete product, adaptable to any environment and high technology.

It represents an effective solution for companies that have a large number of passages distributed over several shifts. It consists of the platform with two brushes inside with their movement remove debris and dirt in the shoe sole. This element, essential part of all products in the range is Pulitak is integrated with the following accessories:


  • The pneumatic nebulizer for hands 837;
  • The turnstile with three arms;
  • The access control connected to the badge;
  • The green and red light signals;
  • Handrails adapted to the needs of the international market


The sanitation process begins with the passage of the badge in the proper space. After that, the operator steps on the platform while inserting his hands into the nebulizer where disinfectant delivery takes place .

The machine is equipped with warning lights indicating free/busy passage, security systems with its signal to warn when the machine is locked. After the hygienizing operations, the tripod gate is unlocked to allow the operator to pass. The operation of the machine is electro-pneumatic. 


Sanitik - STAR USA was presented at the Process Expo 2015 exibition in Chicago, one of the most important fairs in the world concerning technology for food industries.


Technical features:

Dimensions: 100x66 cm h.155

Power supply: compressed air 6 bar -

Operation: Electro-pneumatic

Brushes: 2 flat or semicircular brushes

Areas of use

All food industries
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