Sole washer 926 AU with distance control

Sole washer 926 with remote control device

Sole washer Pulitak with remote control device is an evolution of Monopass model.


Operating use is pneumatic, the machine works with compressed air in conditions of risk minimizing.


Three optionals are integrated:

  • nebulizer 837 C: hands hygiene with proper disinfectant in total safety conditions;
  • pneumatic timed gate: in stainless steel Aisi 304 of compulsoriness
  • pneumatic cilinder for gate stop: connected to the nebulizer: the cilinder opens after operators have completed hands hygienization process.

By pushing the control button, operators may exit from the working division without doing the operations again.


Dimensions: 70 x 66 x 118,5 cm

Operating use: compressed air 6 bar

Brushes: 2 flat or 2 semicircular bristles

In stainless steel Aisi 304

Quality of product

Complying with:
UNI EN ISO 12100:Safety machine, general projectation principles, risk evaluation and reduction
CEI EN 60204-1 Machinery safety, electirc equipment of machines, general rules.

Areas of use

All food industries