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Sole washer 926 with step up board

Sole washer Pulitak with step-up board allows the drain of disinfectant liquid and water. By walking on the platform, the operator activates the oscillating movement of the two brushes. Brushes remove dirt and disinfect soles thanks to the action of noozles. 

This model has the following characteristics: 

  • An intensive nebulization action
  • Extractable brushes, innovative method to ease the cleaning.
  • Step up board to facilitate the drain with a tank 

It is possible to use water as major cleaning element of soles. Optionals can be added to this model: in this way the machine becomes a compulsory station for hygenization.

Dimensions: cm 60 x 66 h 118,5

Application field: all food industries


Quality of product

• Complying with: UNI EN ISO 12100:Safety machine, general projectation principles, risk evaluation and reduction
• CEI EN 60204-1 Machinery safety, electirc equipment of machines, general rules. Sicurezza del macchinario, equipaggiamento elettrico delle macchine, Parte 1 regole generali