Pneumatic boot washer 900 PA

Boot washer CUBE 900 PA

Boot washer CUBE 900 PA in stainless steel Aisi 304 with rotating brush elliptical shape for sole and upper sole clenaning and disinfection.

Manual hydrobrush integrates automatic cleaning with manual residues removal.


The model CUBE 900 PA was created to fulfill the need for cleaning and disinfection of the soles, thanks to a special water supply system and the disinfectant solution nebulization. As an option you can install a water washing detergent delivery device with Venturi system. Brush to ellipse is activated by pressing the push button located on the handrail; once the button returns to its original position, the brush stops. A compartment allows you to insert the tip of the shoe and clean it. A manual hydrobrush to clean the leg of the boots.


The machine is equipped with a dirty water collection tank with waste. The operation of the machine is pneumatic, which allows the installation of the machine even in aggressive environments.


Possibility of construction on wheels for easy mobility.



Technical features:

Dimensions: 44x 62 mm height 100 cm

Operation: Compressed air 6 bar

Areas of use

All food industries
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