Pneumatic boot washer stainless steel boot cleaner sole washer  926 GA

Pneumatic boot washer COMBI 926 GA

In stainless steel AISI 304, pneumatic boot washer COMBI 926 GA allows soles and bootlegs cleaning and sanitizing.


The basement is composed by a grid for water draining. Two longitudinal brushes and six vertical axes for brush holding are present in the basement. Thanks to the two commands placed on the handrails, the operator may activate at choice the use of horizontal or vertical brushes. Its operation mode is pneumatic and the machine is appropriate even in aggressive environments. It is also provided of water coils for complete water cleaning. On demand, it is possible to set up a dispenser that regulates the supplied amount of cleanser.


Water coil allows to increase the effectiveness of humidifying cleaning or even washing away dirt directly. A separate circuit guarantee water connection to take advantage of water jets directly on brushes.


The machine is suitable for use even in environments where animal slaughter takes place.



  1. Swing gate
  2. Pneumatic jets on brushes
  3. Upper platform from floor to ease cleaning and water drain

Technical features:

Dimensions: cm 80 x 97 x h. 140

Pneumatic operation: 6 bar

Made of stainless steel AISI 304

Quality of product

-proper for aggressive environments
- dirt removal

Areas of use

In all food industries
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