hand nebulizer in stainless steel hand sanitizing

Pneumatic neulizer 837 C

Hand disinfectant nebuliser 837 C is intended for industrial and professional use. It is used in food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries as well as in research laboratories and universities. Manufactured in stainless steel AISI 304, alloy providing durability and outstanding corrosion resistance even in the presence of water.

Inside the nebulization space a lever is present: if pushed, it activates disinfectant supply.

The installation is simple because the nebulizer is fixed to the wall.

Use: insert hands into the disinfection compartment by pushing the lever; in this way the nebulizer starts delivering disinfectant.

The supplying stops when the operator removes his hands from the compartment.

The bacterial load on the hands of the operators has a high reduction. On demand it is available a free electrical contact to control external devices that can be connected to the nebulizer.

Pneumatic nebulizer for hands is an important element present in most of the Pulitak hygiene stations.


Technical features:

Height: 55.5 cm

Width: 40 cm

Depth: 21.5

Compressed air supply: 6 bar

Tank capacity: 2 liters

Weight: 9 kg

Areas of use

All food industries.