washbasin in stainless steel absence water

Self-supplied washbasin 803 S SHARA

Washbasin in stainless steel AISI 304, self-supplied on two-wheel cart for transport.


It equipped with a supplying pump and two 10-liter tanks for clean water and dirty water containment.

The water is a foot control. Suitable for areas where there are no water connections or where a mobile hand-washing station is required.


Operation mode: through a pressure on the foot pump, it picks up clean water from the tank making it back through the spout.

The washing water will be discharged to the tank for the dirty water collection.


The following optionals are available:


  • electric water heater
  • stainless steel panel with soap dispender
  • disinfectant soap
  • paper holder for drying hands.


There is also the small version Shara: small version of 40x40x85 to place in thight space